• I Feel Quite Different in Taihe

    In the year of 2016, my goal is to seek stability and to find a new career platform with the mentality of starting from zero. Fortunately, I met Taihe and joined in it.

    In Taihe, everyone is making efforts to achieve the goal in an active atmosphere; in Taihe, we can find not only stability, but also plenty opportunities to grow and realize career advancement; in Taihe, we uphold the concept of high efficiency, and unit dream, goal and pace. This is the place where we start our dream.

    I’m Qiuhan Chen from President’s Office. I’m coming, so where are you?

    President’s Office Qiuhan Chen
  • Let’s Realize a Thriving Career Together

    Once I worked all by myself, while the result was unsatisfactory. I believe deeply that the ability of one person is so limited on the path to realizing my dream.

    Just like all the rivers will flow into the ocean, different people can also get together. Joining in Taihe, and working with capable and intelligent people helps me to find the direction to advance and the strength to fight.

    At present, the development of Taihe is amazing, and we can’t achieve it without the efforts made by every Taihe People. Come here! Let’s realize a thriving career together.

    Luzhou Taihe Xiaohong Liu
  • Working with Excellent People

    In an era marked by fierce competition, we can only make progress with an active spirit. You can be what you want if you work with people who you would like to be. Excellent people is like a ray of sunshine, which will influence you and make your life bright. Working in Taihe, I can see clearly my shortage and make progress constantly. In the superb family of Taihe, we can be active and full of ambition. Join us! Let’s grow together and rise rapidely with Taihe!

    Siyuan Bank of Agriculture and Commerce Yingjia Lai
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