Sichuan Huasun Group Co., Ltd.
Release time:2016-04-15    Source of Information:泰合    Times of Visit:1468

The Group, predecessor of Xinan Huasun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.., was incorporated in September 13, 1993 under the approval of Sichuan Economic System Reform Commission.

The Group has many branches and subsidiaries such as Chengdu Huasun Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Huasun Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Sichuan Silk Import and Export Group Co., Ltd., etc. The Group develops grand health industry, with the controlled Huasun Group, Huasun Hospital Management Co., Ltd. at the core, the modern traditional Chinese medicine as the basis, and the biological pharmaceuticals as the features, and will gradually establish the grand health medical industry dominated by medical production (medicines and instruments), health care, medical service. It will develop medical management and rehabilitation industry through developing new products, upgrading, acquiring and merging pharmaceutical entities and mature hospitals. By the end of 2018, the market value of the pharmaceutical sectors of Sichuan Huasun will reach 20 billion Yuan. The Huasun Hospital Management Co., Ltd. proposes to purchase 50 hospitals and the total assets of the hospital will reach 3 billion Yuan.

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