Taihe Xinguang Huafu
Release time:2016-04-15    Source of Information:泰合    Times of Visit:1068

Located in the CBD of Guanghua Newtown of Wenjiang,and based on the three vertical, three horizontal streets and three subways, the project of Taihe Xinguang Huafu enjoys convenient stereoscopic transport network. With the rapid development of Guanghua section and surrounding facilities like Taiwan Xinguang Sanyue department store, Ito-Yokado, Taiwan Rt-mart, Carrefour, Yong Hui Supermarket and other large shopping centers, the project will provide an easy and comfortable living style. Endowed with a series of educational system for students around 0 to 22 years old, the project witnesses the establishment of Southwestern Financial University, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu Seventh Middle School, Golden Apple Kindergarten, etc. In addition, Chengdu Fifth People’s Hospital, Chengdu international Medical City and Chengdu Women and Children Hospital locate in the surrounding area and provide outstanding healthcare service to the residents. The project of Taihe Xinguang Huafu is arranged in the style of courtyard with the facade built with high-end stones and slabs in ART DECO neo-classical style. The buildings offer a range of different apartment from 70 to 115 square meters to create an atmosphere of cozy family life.


Address:Guanghua Street, Third Section, Wenjiang, Chengdu

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