Lanwan Xiangjun of Taihe
Release time:2016-04-15    Source of Information:泰合    Times of Visit:1019

Lanwan Xiangjun of Taihe, situated at Chengnan Avenue in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, covering a building area of 135mu and surrounded by 3 big parks, the project is recognized low volume rate of 1.5 and low density of 25%. The green area occupies 330,000 square meters.

● location definite the price: located in the intersection of Chengnan Street and Raocheng Street, it will take only 10 minutes to get to any corner of the city.

● School district define appreciation: the advantage of next to 2400 square meters international bilingual kindergarten and famous Lushi Primary School gives a huge opportunity of appreciation.

Address: Western Chengnan Street, Luzhou

Bus line: 215、158、247、321A、19、272, get off at Zhongping Station

Tel: 0830-2277555

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