Guang'an Commercial Center of Taihe
Release time:2016-04-15    Source of Information:泰合    Times of Visit:984

“Aircraft carrier in eastern Sichuan, chief position in investment” large-scale home building material commercial projects.

Covering 40000 square mters home building material mall, 100,000 square meters special market, warehouses, logistics, high-end residential buildings (Shangpin City), hotel office building,business street, etc.

Location: Window of Guang’an, Throat of Zaoshan, First Choice of management

Operation:Unite investment attraction, Unite planning, Unite operation, Unite marketing.

Background: Provincial and city key project, 300,000 square meters high-end business model.

Planning: Overall planning, business environment, sharing wealth.

At present, forcely promoting selected house building “Shangpin City”

New style housing districts, 49-99 square meters apartment for both living and investment.

Address:Adjacent to the Exit of Guangnan Highway, Guang’an.

Tel:0826-8853888 8853666

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