ALCALA DE of Taihe
Release time:2016-04-15    Source of Information:泰合    Times of Visit:1077

ALCALA DE of Taihe  -- located on the side of Jialing River (5A scenic spot), in the inner ring of Nanchong City, also known as the third city in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. It constitutes a variety of magnificent villas of different types, which are well-proportioned and of staggering gradations. Situated in beautiful Gaoping Jiangdong new District and endowed with scarce environmental resources, it is entitled the “Pudong of Nanchong” and will be world-class living place.

Tel:0817-3312555  3312888

Address:Wangcheng Road, Jiangdong new District, Nanchong, China (Jialing River Side)

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